We service & install all types of mechanical pumps

At Vassell’s Commercial & Domestic Engineers, we offer maintenance contracts to both our private and commercial clients for all types of installations. Regular maintenance should reduce the overall running costs of your equipment, reduce the risk of failures and help predict future problems. We understand the full fundamental principle of most leading manufactures pumps.

Chiller Pumps System

Stay operational and enjoy peace of mind by using Vassell’s, providing you with a professional, high quality service and delivering optimum chiller performance. We aim to meet all your requirements and cover critical processes, ranging from a 24 hour call out to preventative and planned maintenance.

Cold Water Booster System

At Vassell’s we understand the importance of keeping a building running at all cost, It is therefore imperative to keep on top of all power and performances measures (PPM’s) maintaining a fully functional building at all times. At Vassell’s we work with you to understand you needs and build a tailored service plan to suit you.


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